ClearNav II Glide Computer

A new generation of soaring instrumentation


Whether flying contests, OLC flights, badge flights or just plain flying for fun, the ClearNav II Flight Computer gives you everything you need to fly safely and fast.

Task management, airspace, and landability information are all clearly presented on the large, high contrast and extremely bright full VGA display.

Essential flight data is clearly and logically presented on the bottom of the screen and is highly configurable.  A simple and intuitive user interface make for a fast learning experience and does not require a manual or even a quickstart card if you don’t fly for a couple of weeks.

Our design philosophy is focused on ease of use, and on providing the pilot with information just from glancing at the screen.


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ClearNav Vario

Vario Overview

The ClearNav Instruments vario system has been designed to provide glider pilots with the best possible climb and speed-to-fly guidance, as well as valuable secondary information, including wind speed and direction, air and ground speeds, and altitudes.

The vario can use either probe or purely electronic Total Energy compensation. It fits into a single 57 MM hole and the “black box” (Air Data Computer or “ADC”) can mount either directly to the display module or separately for maximum flexibility.

The vario has been designed to be fully compatible with the “ClearNav” display and, through the use of a serial data port, can also integrate with other moving map/glideslope devices.


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