Canadian Certificate for the Perkoz

The SZD-54-2 Perkoz has officially received a Canadian Airworthiness Certificate.

SZD-54-2 PERKOZ Wings

Perkoz wings

A picture of Perkoz wings in production.

Perkoz 20m Performance Data

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Uli Schwenk test flies the Perkoz

Uli Schwenk in the SZD 54-2 Perkoz

This glider is a dream come true for every club - Uli Schwenk after Perkoz test flights in Germany.

For more Perkoz photos please visit Michal Ombach's photo galery




Increased wing torsion stiffness to accommodate 20 m version

•Increased fuselage stiffness

•Additional rowing layers in cockpit section to increase pilot crash safety

•Increased strength of the cockpit floor

•Carbon fiber wing tip extensions

•New ergonomic seat pans offer increased comfort and accommodate larger pilots

•Introduction of new front pin design to avoid cockpit compression by wings in case of frontal crash

•Modified main wheel shock absorption system to increase comfort and resistance

•Automatic elevator hook up

•Spar pins modified to improve assembly

•Modification of wing rear pins to avoid play between wing and fuselage due to wear and tear

•Improved canopy gas spring

•Additional canopy hinge to prevent damage due to club abuse

•New lighter and stiffer canopy frame resistant to club abuse

•Modified canopy latch and emergency jettison mechanism to avoid incidental unlocking of the canopy during flight

•Horizontal stabilizer fairing integral with the fuselage

•Composite rudder surface resistant to club abuse

•Third battery compartment in vertical stabilizer for better CG adjustment for XC and aerobatic flights

•Modified push rod design to decrease resistance and increase fluidity of spoiler operation

•New ergonomic spoiler handle design

•Modified stick trim trigger offers precise adjustment, reduced friction, and fluid operation

•Changed front tow hook installation position to reduce force required to operate the release 

•New ergonomic position of the release handle

•New ergonomic front instrument panel 

•Modified rear instrument panel and front pilot head rest- achieved excellent visibility from back seat

•Modified elevator horn balance

•Instrument panels modified to accommodate different types of flight computer including LXNav and ClearNav

•Instrument panel surface mount microphones - no more broken, twisted goose microphones

•Optional all-hand control kit for handicapped operation in front cockpit

•New ergonomic head rests in the front and back seats

•Optional double lap seat belts for unlimited aerobatics

•Wiring harness for remote operation of electronics from the back seat - no more instructor yelling at student to change radio volume

•All wiring and pneumatic tubing hidden under the floor - no lose cables or tubing in cockpit

•ClearNAV Instruments official Vario and Computer supplier for Perkoz in North America


Monday the 2nd.